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Menifee Home Inspector

Inland Home Inspections Inc. provides professional home inspections and detailed reports with photos. A typical home inspection report is 50 pages or more. Matt Burnell with Inland Home Inspections Inc. has over 25 years of inspection experience, working as a county building inspector with Riverside county, and a city inspector for the city of San Juan Capistrano. We have been performing home inspections in the inland empire since 2003. We are based in Menifee but perform inspections in Temecula, Riverside, Murrieta, Winchester, Sun City, Lake Elsinore and all surrounding areas. All areas of the home are inspected during the home inspection. The following are just an example of the areas covered during a home inspection, the roof, exterior siding or stucco, the visible foundation, windows and doors, the furnace and air conditioning, the main electrical panel, the attic, all interior walls and floors, all plumbing fixtures in the bathrooms and kitchen, all kitchen appliances, verify presence of smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors, fireplaces and chimneys. We perform home inspections in the 92584 and 92585 area's. We provide the following types of MENIFEE-HOME-INSPECTIONS 92584 New-Home-Inspections in MENIFEE-CA-HOME-INSPECTOR 92585 Used-Home-Inspections in MENIFEE-CA-HOME-INSPECTOR 92584 Bank-Owned-Home-Inspections in MENIFEE-CA-HOME-INSPECTOR 92584 New-Construction-Home-Inspections in MENIFEE-CA-HOME-INSPECTOR 92484 Manufactured-Home-Inspections in MENIFEE-CA-HOME-INSPECTOR 92585 Condominium-Home-Inspections in MENIFEE-CA-HOME-INSPECTOR 92584 Estate-Home-Inspections in MENIFEE-CA-HOME-INSPECTOR 92585 Property-Inspections in THE-CITY-OF-MENIFEE 92584 Matt Burnell with Inland Home Inspections Inc. will be happy to assist you with the home inspection process. Call us with any questions you may have.   Inland Home Inspections Inc.  951-240-0458   909-208-2538 View the City of Menifee home page @ View the City of Menifee local news @ View the City of Menifee local weather @