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Home Inspection Pricing

The price of a home inspection is based on many factors regarding the home, and the property on which it is located.  The cost of a home inspection is minor compared to cost of the home and the fee's associated with the purchase of the home.


These are typical questions that are asked and will determine the cost of a home inspection.


  • What is the square footage of the home?
  • How old or what was the year of construction of the home?
  • In what city is the home located?
  • Is the home one or two stories?
  • Does the home have a crawlspace?
  • Is there a pool on the property?
  • Is the home on a septic tank or private disposal system?
  • Is there a well on the property?
  • Are all the utilities on: water, gas and electric?
  • Are there any detached structures on the property?
  • Does the property have exterior firepits, BBQ's, fireplaces, coy ponds or other water features?

Call us for a price quote on your home inspection, we work with seniors and new home buyers and may be able to reduce the price of the home inspection for newer homes and homes that have been very well maintained.

I have worked as a home inspector for the County of Riverside and the City of San Juan Capistrano for over 18 years.  I started Inland Home Inspections Inc. in 2002 and have performed well over 3000 residential home inspections.  Let my experience work for you, I have the knowledge and experience of inspecting homes from start to finish.


Call us to schedule your home inspection or just to ask questions about the process. Ask for Matt at any of the following numbers.

We carry general liability and E & O insurance.

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