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Client Testimonials

Hi Matt! Thanks for asking...we closed yesterday! Seller did most repairs not all...yes a new bulb in kitchen was provided...thank heaven!, new faceplates in attic, screen repaired, dead bolt readjusted at garage door, and screen repaired were among smaller items done. All plumbing issues corrected including installation of new toilet in master bath to correct backflush issue per plumber recommendation. Good news...Centex/Pulte has approved the repair for damaged truss and contractor scheduling engineer...and wet stamp document will be provided to Shah's. All your help and time in conversation and information to various parties regarding all issues was so much appreciated. The Shah's are renting back for 30 days, but now have purchased a beautiful new home! Thanks so much Matt! Have a great holiday...
Gloria Landers

Matt Burnell with Inland Home Inspections Inc. provided a very detailed inspection report. He was very knowledgeable with present construction and building standards. The inspection report was very easy to understand and relieved our concerns with the purchase of the home. I would highly recommend Matt with Inland Home Inspections. Home Inspection Performed in Menifee CA.
John Banks

July 23, 2011
Matt is very thorough and prompt. We were also able to take care of the entire transaction over email which was smooth and efficient.
Thanks Matt.
Henry Situ, MBA, PMP, ITIL, Real Estate Agent

July 26, 2011
As a Realtor® serving the Temecula Valley and North San Diego County, I rely on Matt for my home inspections - he has an excellent background as a building inspector, he is thorough in his inspection process, and he communicates well with clients and agents. Matt is very responsive in scheduling inspections and completing his detailed online inspection reports. I highly recommend Inland Home Inspections - Matt will take good care of you and your clients!
Home Inspection Perfomed in Fallbrook CA.
Robert Emch, Allison James Estates & Homes

– Robert

This is my fifth home purchase and I've had a home inspection done each time. Matt was by far the most thorough inspector and gave me the most helpful information I've had from a home inspection. Some of the inspections I've had done in the past have been so generic and uninformative that I've wondered why I spent the money. Matt, however, gave me a thorough rundown of safety concerns, building code issues that have changed over the years, and information about the house that was very helpful and informative.

There were no major issues with the house; definitely nothing to make me reconsider the purchase. The house is about 25 years old, though, so there are a number of things here and there that need some minor repairs and updating. He talked me through everything and the online report he gave me was full of pictures and detailed suggestions of things I need to get taken care of sometime in the near future. I have a ready made "honey-do-list" when I move in.

I would highly recommend working with Matt @ Inland Home Inspections.
Home Inspection Performed on August 9th 2011 in Temecula CA.
Reagan Grell – August 10, 2011

August 13, 2011 Home Inspection Performed in Murrieta CA.

Inland Home Inspections Inc delivered top notch service. I sent a text through Inland Home Inspections web page, inquiring about services offered and I received a response on my voicemail in less than an hour on a Sunday afternoon. I called and spoke to Matt and set up a potential appointment, pending the appraisal being done by another Company first. Matt was flexible and set up a tentative appointment on my requested time. He was very professional and informative. He allowed me to speak and he listened, then he would explain the process in a manner that an average home buyer that is not a home inspector would understand. He showed up at the property for the home inspection promptly, dressed professional, and had an outstanding personality and great attitude. He explained everything about the inspection he was going to perform, offered me to follow him around if I desired, took many pictures, and recorded his thoughts as he inspected the home, ensuring he would not forget anything he noted during his inspection. Upon completion of his inspection, he showed me pictures from his digital camera, explained his findings, and gracefully and patiently answered all of my questions and provided his professional opinion. He did not depart until he answered every single question I asked. I received a complete report in less than 3 hours after he departed the property. The report was in .pdf, with color letterhead and pictures (very professionally done). Matt's experience and credentials are unmatched, undeniable, and his service met and exceeded my expectations. If you really want the home inspection done right and you want the truth about the condition of your home, contact Inland Home Inspections. I will recommend this company to anyone I know who needs a home inspection in the future. Thank you Inland Home Inspections Inc.

– Danny

August 14, 2011 Home Inspection Performed in Murrieta CA

I met Matt many years ago when he first started his business. I knew then that he was going to do very well for himself. He was organized and well planned. A few years later I was looking to purchase a home and I wanted to find my own inspector, not one that my realtor worked with. I believe everyone should hire their own inspector. I called Matt to inspect this property I was looking at buying. I'm very glad that I did so. He found several major things wrong with the house that was not disclosed to me. Matt explained the severity to me in great detail. Based on this knowledge, I decided it was in my best interest not to buy the home. Though, my realtor was not happy, I was releived that I did not make a BIG mistake.

Matt was extremely thorough...I mean extremely. I've used other inspectors in the past. They spend less than an hour on the home and write up a report. Matt goes over every inch of the property and sits with you to go over it so that you will understand it. He also takes a ton of pictures. This man takes tremendous pride in his work.

Just recently, I purchased another property and looked Matt up to do the inspection. I was not at all suprised that he was still in business. That week, he was on vaction, yet he still answered the phone. He said he was booked the week of his return with the exception of Friday morning. I quickly booked the appointment eventhough the clock was ticking and I was running out of time.

Again, I was very greatful that I used Matt. Though I told him I already hired a pool inspector, he still looked at it and the BBQ without charging me extra. He just wanted to point out a couple of important things that he thought I should be aware of. Matt goes the extra mile.

This guy is not cheap. But, he is fair and honest. A home purchase is one of the largest money transactions that one makes. It is extremely important to have a good inspector looking out for your best interested. You get what you pay for when you hire Matt. With all these short sales and bank owned properties on the market, you need to have someone that is a professional and that knows what he is doing.

Cathie Kong
Inspection performed March 23rd in Murrieta CA

Thanks Matt we appreciate the highly professional work-if I ever have the opportunity to recommend you highly I will do so-thanks

Dave Smith

May 5th 2012 Home Inspection performed in Colton CA

When calling around to different home inspectors Matt stood out because he took the time to explain things to me on the phone, and didn't seem rushed in the process.
On to the home inspection... very detailed, very thorough! The foreclosed home we were about to go into escrow on had clear termite inspection from the bank. When Matt went under the house he found an approximate 10 foot diameter circle of rotted wood from an improperly installed shower that was leaking. The termite inspection should have pointed out this wood damage, but apparently it didn't get done. The other thing Matt discovered while looking in the attic was evidence of a current or previous rat infestation. (Matt, I'm so sorry you had to crawl around up there!) There were other things... faulty wiring, broken drain pipe, ect. ect. We received estimates to repair just the floor & rat damage which would have cost a minimum of about $10,000 in addition to the repairs we already had planned to make. That's where we drew the line to back out of buying this house... it didn't even matter if we weren't going to be the ones to pay for it. The water damage was a huge issue and all the little things Matt pointed out were just the straws on the camels back.
For a few hundred dollars for the inspection, it was money well spent knowing we won't be living in a money pit that could also pose potential health hazards. We're still looking around so we'll be calling Matt again when we find something!
Summary: Meticulous on inspection, reasonably priced, flexible schedule, & saved us a lot of money! Thank you, Matt

Thank you again for all of your hard work!

Milton & Jennifer Beall