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Home Inspector Qualifications

Matt Burnell with Inland Home Inspections Inc. has 25 years inspection experience in residential and commercial construction.  Since 1986 he has worked as a building inspector for Riverside county, City of San Juan Capistrano, City of Mission Viejo and City of Temecula.  Owner/Inspector of Inland Home Inspections Inc. since 2002.

Matt is experienced with inspecting a residential home from the ground up. Typical inspections include: footing inspection, ground plumbing inspection, pre-slab inspection, roof sheathing & shear panel inspection, framing inspection, plumbing inspection, mechanical inspection, electrical inspection, insulation inspection, drywall inspection, gas test inspection and final inspection.  Now a typical home inspection is more like a final inspection, but it is important for you that your home inspector has a complete knowledge of how the home was constructed thru all phases of construction.

Matt Burnell has performed thousands of building inspections, on all the external and internal  components of a residential home and will help to educate you on the operation of components within your newly purchase home.

Matt Burnell has been a Certified Inspector member of (CREIA) California Real Estate Inspectors Association since 2003

We carry general liability and E & O insurance.

Grading Inspector

Plumbing Inspector

Electrical Inspector

Mechanical Inspector

Framing Inspector

Pool Inspector