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A Home Inspection Whats Covered?

Inland Home Inspections Inc. follows the standards of practice set forth by the California Real Estate Inspectors Association for four or fewer units.  These guidelines are minimum standards only and we inspect many items that are not included or are excluded from the standards. We carry general liability and E & O insurance.


These are just some of the area's the Home Inspection Covers


  • Site:  Inspect and report on the condition of fences adjacent the home, grading or lack of proper drainage, proper grade level from bottom of stucco or wood siding, walkways, driveways, tree's and bushes in contact with the home.
  • Exterior of home:  Inspect and report on condition of siding or stucco, windows and screens, doors and thresholds, attached patio covers, fascia and wood trim, condition of painted surfaces, verify GFCI protection at exterior outlets, weather stripping, chimneys.
  • Roof: Inspect and report on approximate age and type of roofing materials, report on condition of roof and identify any defects or damage, flashings, plumbing vents or roof penetrations, skylights, gutters and downspouts.
  • Attic:  Inspect and report on visible attic framing, attic ventilation, thickness and type of insulation, evidence of rodents, visible wiring, visible plumbing, visible stains on framing or roof sheathing.
  • Electrical: Inspect and report on size and condition of main electrical panel, determine where system is grounded, verify presence of proper over-current protection, check for any known recalled equipment, test all accessible outlets, test all lights, verify lack of or proper location of smoke detectors, verify presence of a carbon monoxide detector.
  • Plumbing:  Inspect and report on location of main water service and water pressure, hose bibs adjacent the home, inspect all faucets, sinks, traps and drains, flush and inspect all toilets, inspect all tubs and showers, inspect and determine age and size of all gas and electric water heaters, report on any visible leaks and condition of visible water or waste piping.
  • Heating and Air Conditioning:  Inspect and report on overall condition and age of heating and cooling equipment, observed condition of venting and duct work, operate thermostat, report on condition and presence of filter.
  • Kitchen:  Inspect and report on condition of counters, cabinets, built-in appliances including dishwasher, garbage disposal, gas or electric cook top or oven, exhaust fan, microwave.
  • Interior of home:  Inspect and report on condition of floors, walls, ceilings, doors, windows, lights, ceiling fans, smoke detectors, stairs and handrails
  • Chimney and fireplace:  Inspect and report and visible loose or cracking bricks, check for signs of deteriorating mortar, report on presence of visible heavy creosote, operate damper, operate glass doors, inspect fire box for over all condition, operate decorative gas logs, verify presence of spark arrestor, flashings and rain caps, make limited visual observation of flue.

Inland Home Inspections Inc. is a Menifee Home Inspector, a Temecula Home Inspector, a Murrieta Home Inspector, a Sun City Home Inspector, a Canyon Lake Home Inspector and all other surrounding cities.

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